Single Mains Single Genset Synchronization

Tek Şebeke Tek Jeneratör Senkronizasyonu

This system is suitable for facilities where critical load applications (glass cutting plants, rolling mills, hospitals, etc.) are existed.

Generally in case of planned energy cutouts, the approximate time and the duration of the cutout is declared to facility by main distribution corporations (public or private). Prior to cutout, diesel genset starts to run, matches its voltage, frequency and phase angle to mains. Then, it feeds partial of the load as low as possible which can be adjustable by facility operators. After mains cutout realized, the genset has already taken entire load in the system. So, facility is not affected due to interruption.

At the end of the cutout period – after mains voltage and frequency values turn back to acceptable limits – the load fed by the set is transferred smoothly to mains without any interruption and keeps itself on-the-line for an adjustable duration in order to make sure that the mains is reliable. Lastly, it is disconnected from the load-bar and turn back to standby mode after finishing engine cooling period.

Except for planned cutouts, interruption of the mains cannot be predictable. As just in the gensets which are programmed to start upon mains failure, it starts when mains cutout occurs and feeds the load. After mains parameters turn back in acceptable limits, thanks to it backward synchronization capability, it transfers load to mains without any power interruption and shifts to cooling period before standby waiting condition.

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